October 2, 2023

Want To Try New Pizzas? Here Are Your Choices!

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Pizza – probably among the best comfort foods in the world. Pizza originally was a food for the poor, because it was affordable and could be had on the go. Of course, it wasn’t long before Americans found their love for the gooey toppings. Today, you can find pizzerias all over the US, and the internet says that about 350 slices of pizza are sold in the country every second.  If you check online for the best pizzas and best wings in Phoenix, you will find a bunch of choices. In this post, we are discussing more on different kind of pizzas you need to try.

St. Louis Pizza

If you are looking for a pizza that’s not loaded with yeast or has a very thing crust, St. Louis Pizza is the ideal choice. It’s cut in square or rectangle shades and contains Provel processed cheese, which gives the pizza a unique flavor and taste. The tomato sauce used for the pizza is sweeter by all means and comes with a nice touch of oregano. The choice of toppings can be varied.

Greek Pizza

The crust of the Greek Pizza is absolutely thick and chewy, and the baking is done on pans, so the bottom almost feels like fried. The crust, although thicker than thin-crust pizzas, is not as thick as the Sicilian crust. Greek Pizza doesn’t really contain a huge amount of cheese, but is high on tomato sauce and oregano. The toppings can be varied, but many people like the idea of using feta cheese.

Sicilian Pizza

This is also another pizza that looks like square or rectangle and can be made without any cheese at all. The sauce is what makes the Sicilian Pizza special by all means, and there isn’t a lot of toppings either, because the crust needs to be thick but crisp. At best, you will find Sicilian Pizza to be loaded with anchovies and onions, with some choice of herbs. It can take a longer time to bake the pizza, and we recommend that you try this one from a pizzeria that’s famed for the same.

Of course, you will find the New York-Style Pizza almost anywhere in the US, and the choice of toppings in this pizza is huge, so you can customize almost every aspect of it. Try out the unusual pizzas with a New York-Style Pizza this weekend before the Monday Blues hit you!

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