January 23, 2022

Some Of The Stranger Condiments From Around The World

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Travel has been limited for many of us due to the global pandemic. If you are missing travelling to new countries and experiencing their culinary delicacies, you are not alone. However, you can still try delicacies from around the world by buying products online, and you can substitute this for your travelling for the time being. Below are some condiments from around the world you can try at your next barbecue and pretend you are abroad having the time of your life.

Sriracha Mayo

Instead of getting regular mayonnaise for your next barbecue, you may want to consider a spicier alternative that can bring you the taste of Thailand. The delicious gluten-free Sriracha mayo, is a mixture of the traditional Sriracha sauce and mayonnaise and has a nice kick. It goes perfectly on burgers and with salad and using it for devilled eggs will give your recipe a new lift that everyone will love.

Banana Sauce

Banana sauce hails from the Philippines, and it is a staple for many people in the country. When Americans eat a hot dog, they reach for the ketchup, but in the Philippines, they apply lots of banana sauce which the locals love. Although the name suggests it tastes like bananas, this is far from the truth. It has a tangy and sweet taste that is different from tomato sauce, and it may be something you want to add to the condiment table for your next barbecue.

Fish Sauce

Although this is not a condiment as such that you would put on your food like ketchup, fish sauce is highly used throughout Thailand in cooking. It can add a unique taste to food when cooking and has a strong, pungent smell. It is used throughout Southeast Asia, and people use it in a similar way to salt. They will use it to marinate meat and fish, and it is also often the base of dipping sauces.

Mango Pickle

Mango pickle is a delicacy that hails from India and combines the sweet taste of mango with spicy and fiery chilli. If you want to add a punch to your burger at your next barbecue, get rid of the ketchup and put some mango pickle on your burger. Much of the sweetness of the mango is lost, and it has a salty taste before the heat from the chilli kicks in.

These are a few of the condiments you may want to try at your next barbecue, but there are many more that you can try as well. You may not be able to travel at the minute, but you can bring a little piece of lots of countries into your home.

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