April 16, 2024

Planning A Netflix Binge Watching Party With Your Friends

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Many people love to binge-watch their favourite TV shows and movies on streaming platforms such as Netflix, and binge parties are becoming increasingly popular. When you and your friends have a favourite TV show and want to watch it together, you can consider watching all the episodes together. You can get in your favourite aloha chicken pizza to share, some refreshing drinks, invite your best friends, and enjoy binge-watching it together.

Who To Invite To Your Binge-Watching Party?

You will need to carefully consider who you will invite to your binge-watching party unless you have plenty of space available. You will want to ensure that everyone who comes has somewhere comfortable to sit and watch their favourite show, or it may not be enjoyable for them. Work out how many people you can accommodate comfortably, and then invite your friends to join you for your binge-watching party.

Stock Up On Your Favourite Snacks & Food

If you are going to have a marathon session watching your favourite TV show, you will need to ensure you have plenty of snacks and refreshments ready. You can get some pizza or friend chicken if you want that does not need to be eaten hot, and any other snack that you all like will be good. However, you may want to select foods and snacks you can eat quietly so you do not disturb each other while eating and watching your show.

Binge-Watch An Entire Show

With some releases on platforms such as Netflix, they will release the entire season simultaneously. However, with other shows, they release a new episode every week, and if they are doing this with the show you want to binge-watch, you will need to let them finish showing the series before watching it. However, if there is a new series coming out and you and your friends want to watch previous seasons again, you can also do this.

Getting Ready To Watch

When everyone has arrived, you are all settled to start watching your favourite TV show, get everyone to mute their phones, dim the lights, and get comfortable. Make sure that everyone has snacks and drinks, and you have all gone to the toilet, which is fully stocked with toilet paper, and you can get started. You and your friends can have lots of fun re-watching previous seasons or getting ready to watch the premiere of a new one, and enjoy your time together and watching your favourite show.

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