April 16, 2024

How Willy Wonka Would Make Chocolate In A Factory Today

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Chocolate. Not a day goes by that people don’t satisfy their sweet tooth with some chocolatey goodness. For many who grew up reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or seeing its adaptations brought to life on the screen, the process of making chocolate might just seem like the stuff of movies.

While a great bit was magical, such as fizzy lifting drinks and the Television Chocolate device, there are plenty of modern marvels to making chocolate nowadays which would seem bizarre or other worldly back then. In fact, there are a few that Wonka himself may have utilized to further revolutionize his groundbreaking confectionary creations. Let’s take a look at how the eccentric chocolatier might have made treats these days.

A modern-day chocolate factory run by Willy Wonka would likely incorporate the latest and greatest machinery. With high-tech sensors and other sophisticated monitoring techniques, the genius — along with his trusted Oompa Loompas — would source, roast, grind, refine and mold his creations into the most pleasing results possible. That way, each treat can better meet the desires of his candy-craving audience.

For example, more and more of today’s consumers are seeking goods manufactured with sustainable materials and ingredients. No stranger to going above and beyond to get the best ingredients, Wonka would implement ethical practices designed to grow and gather enough cacao beans to fuel production in his factory and satisfy the tastebuds of those who want sustainability-minded products.

As for the cooking process, there are lots of modern mechanisms Wonka would implement to create the best product possible. One example would be to utilize advanced humidity sensors inside the fudge room where he and the Oompa Loompas temper the tasty chocolate. These work to stabilize the cocoa butter and help it bind into perfectly textured delicacies.

Another way Willy Wonka would improve his chocolate factory with today’s innovations is through advanced packaging. Over the years, food safety experts have identified which packaging materials work best for certain foods. In the world of chocolates, wrappers typically differ based on the components, such as with dark, milk or white chocolate.

Not wanting his carefully concocted confections to lose any quality, Willy Wonka would ensure his wide array of products in all their fantastic shapes stay true to their forms, unique textures and delectable flavors by investing in only the highest quality packaging.

Want to learn more about how Willy Wonka might blend sustainability, technology and his own whimsical touch into his chocolate products nowadays? Check out the accompanying resource from Advanced Technology Services for further imaginative information!

How Willy Wonka Would Make Chocolate In A Factory Today, an infographic contributed by Advanced Technology Services, an organization offering machine vibration monitoring

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