October 2, 2023

How to Choose the Meatiest Crabs from Sellers

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You don’t have to be near the beach to enjoy the delectable taste of crabs. A crab restaurant in 85210 will ensure your cravings are satisfied. Wherever you are in the country, you want to go for the succulent meat and meaty yield. But, if you choose to prepare crabs at home, you want to know some expert tips when choosing crabs to ensure you get the freshest ones. Read on to know these tips:

Check where the Crabs are Stored

The best crabs to buy are those kept in a dry place. Crabs stored in water tanks tend to use up more energy and may have lost their reserves quickly. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller when the crabs were caught. Ideally, crabs must be cooked within two days after they have been captured. Once crabs leave their seabed home, they stop eating. The longer they hang around without eating, the less meat you can get in their shells.

Know when to Buy Crabs

Although you might be able to find crabs at seafood shops most of the time in a year, you want to purchase in season and from local waters. Keep in mind that a trans-continental journey means more time from catch to plate. Also, your choices might be a bit less robust and meaty. Aside from that, buying at the source will cost less than those that come from thousands of miles away.

Take into Account the Activity Level of the Crabs

You will want to purchase live crabs as dead crabs turn bad in a matter of hours. Pick crabs from the aggressive ones instead of those that look sluggish. Generally, a crab’s meat is about a quarter of its total weight. When you hold a crab at hand, ensure it has a nice heft to indicate its shell is full of juicy meat.

Go for the Female Crab

Female crabs are usually the meatier ones and may have roe if you enjoy this delicacy. But, not all sellers will allow the sale of females only so ask your seller for the best possible choice.

Study the Underside

This refers to the light-colored triangular flap. Male crabs have narrow bellies while the females have wide and rounded bellies. You can test the firmness by pressing the center of the flap with your finger. Fleshy crabs have a firm, bulging, and yellow-tinted belly. Usually, crabs with a soft belly have already lost their reserves.

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