April 14, 2021

Blast Freezing By Frozen Chicken Wings Suppliers Singapore

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The priority of frozen chicken wings supplier singapore is to promote healthy and safe food. They use the latest technologies to preserve the high quality of their products. Blast freezing retains the freshness of the chicken and maintains its quality.

Blast freezing

The process of rapidly freezing the chicken to -18 degree Celsius for three to four hours is known as blast freezing. The air blasted in the freezer is supercooled and circulate by the high flow rate of the fans. At -35 degrees Celsius, it causes heat exchange and absorbs the heat rapidly from the meat. It takes place in an environment insulated from the elements outside.


Better products

The water inside the meat crystallizes when frozen. If the freezing takes place in warm temperatures that ice crystals will be massive. The set temperature in the blast freezer promotes rapid freezing. It creates small ice crystals that impact to less damage. Once the meat freezes in the blast freezer, they can move it to a conventional freezer for storage.



It produces high-quality and better-tasting chicken wings. The blast freezer even promotes the safety of the food. The low temperature halts the growth of bacteria and reduces the risk of contamination.

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