January 23, 2022

All There is to Gain by Eating Organic Whole Food Products

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There are many reasons why purchasing and eating organic whole food products is a good idea, for most people they will be more concerned with what they are putting into their bodies and want to ensure that the food that they consume is as natural as it possibly can be. For others, they are more thoughtful towards the farmers market and supporting those who spend so much of their time to help grow and cultivate the foods that some of us eat;

Eliminate most synthetic pesticides

For the most part, organic whole food is healthier than food grown any other way, mainly because, when something is allowed and encouraged to grow naturally, they contain more nutrients. In addition, generally speaking, the process of their growth does not include a large number of synthetic pesticides or herbicides. When growing organic foods, you will also be pleased to know that the use of fertilizers that contain petroleum or sewage sludge are prohibited.

Support our farmers

Because artificially produced food can be grown quicker and on a larger scale it also means that it is generally cheaper, because of this, traditional farmers have been in real danger for some time. If everybody buys artificially produced foods, then we can say good bye to farming as it was once known, generations of farmers work, gone to waste. When you buy organic wholefood products in Central Coast  you are helping yourself from a health perspective and you are helping the hard-working farmers who helped it grow in a natural environment.

Help to protect the land

Consider this: when pesticides and fertilizers are used, not all of the ‘spray’ lands on the crop it is being sprayed upon. Instead, they end up in our soil and water. Runoff has the potential to pollute our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Many pesticides do not degrade and can remain in the water supply for years. Organic agriculture also demonstrates the use of cover crops, windbreaks, and other soil erosion-reducing measures.

Protect the bees that keep the wheels turning

When you buy organic whole foods, you can be sure that your purchase is helping to protect the bees that help flowers, plants and some foods continue to reproduce. There aren’t any neonicotinoid seed coatings used which are deadly to pollinators of all kinds, without bees the chances are that natural flowers, plants and some foods would slowly disappear. If nothing else, do your part to help preserve the nature that we still have.

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